Entrepreneur, Solopreneur, Intrapreneur — Which Are You?

Entrepreneur Solopreneur Intrapreneur illustrationDriven business leaders are not created equal. Each of us possess separate and distinct superhero talents. When we develop self awareness, we realize there are certain situations in which we thrive.

Have you thought about the type of business leader you are, or might become? Let’s look at three driven types: Entrepreneurs, Solopreneurs, and Intrapreneurs. For each, I’ll give you a formal definition, then my definition, and finally, a blog you might enjoy reading if you fall within that personal leadership style. I hope you won’t mind that I’m going to ask you to do me a favour at the end of this article.


Formal definition: A person who sets up businesses and takes on risk in the hopes of profit.
My definition: You know you’re an entrepreneur when…

  • You see opportunity everywhere — even when your eyes are closed.
  • You see failure as a temporary setback — an investment in education.
  • Your favourite words are “What if…?”

A blog entrepreneurs might like: Both Sides Of The Table


Formal definition: A solopreneur is an entrepreneur who works alone; one who runs a business single-handedly.
My definition: You know you’re a solopreneur when…

  • You tell people you’re the CEO, the Accountant, or the company’s Administrative Assistant – depending on who’s asking and what day it is.
  • You know your daily receivables balance to the penny. By heart.
  • You can reconcile banking statements, bang out a killer proposal, and reprogram your computer… in a single morning.

A blog solopreneurs might like: The Solopreneur Life


Formal definition: An intrapreneur takes responsibility for turning an idea into a profitable finished product within the confines of an organization; one who challenges the status quo within a company to build a better future.

My definition: You know you’re an intrapreneur when…

  • You’re the first person people look at when they need to solve a complex problem or initiate change.
  • You see connections where others see none; you’re able to think 3 and 4 steps ahead before a new process is initiated.
  • You work 60-70 hours per week because you’re building the business, not because anyone might notice and think more of you.

A blog intrapreneurs might like: Savvy Intrapreneur

I’m an intrapreneur. Which one are you?

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19 Replies to “Entrepreneur, Solopreneur, Intrapreneur — Which Are You?”

    1. Simon, my apologies. I missed this comment when you left it. Your article is well considered and thoughtful. I shared it with a recommendation to my network this morning. Thank you for stopping by and for taking the time to leave a note.


    1. Hi Lorii,

      Thanks for asking this question. Organizations without intrapreneurs run the risk of missing greatness by settling for good. As an intrapreneur I’ve never considered myself an hourly worker, showing up to “do my time”. I’m fully invested and seeking what’s best for the entire entity.

      So what’s your style, Lorii? Which one do you identify with the best?


  1. Oooouu interesting Susan – I came out entrepreneur,but my partner who has always worked for himself is a solopreneur,, even though I work with him – he holds it all in his head and won’t outsource or employ!
    Great definitions ..and I’ve been and voted for you, and will share 🙂


  2. Hi Susan,

    Thank you so much for sharing this article. I found it so insightful that I had to share it on my blog. I am definately an Intrapreneur but I am discovering that as a start-up you have to wear many hats until the resources come to outsource. So I have to become an awesome time manager to cover all the basis until my change comes :). Best wishes and looking forward to more awesome articles.



  3. Hi Susan,

    It depends on what I am doing. I am part of a network marketing company and in that regards, I am an entrepreneur utilizing the world of mouth, leveraged income model. However, I also design workshops and coach people online and that is very independent. Lastly, I’m often hired to help innovate or advance a business, organization or initiative outside of my primary businesses so I am also an intrepreneur. Therefore, I am all of the above.

    PS: Thanks for your comment on my blog post and sharing it with your Twitter peeps:) I really did enjoy this article and will put it n my Fan Page. Also, thanks for the other great blog sites. That’s awesome.


    1. Hi Suzie – Ah, a fellow Intrapreneur!

      I love this new word and I’m really enjoying the comments here and on G+ and Twitter. Seems most are identifying with Intrapreneur and Entrepreneur. Not what I expected. Thanks for taking the time to visit and leave a comment.


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