Easy Ways To Determine Best Times To Post

KissmetricsquoteThere’s only one reason you post on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, or wherever else: You have a message that you want others to see. To get the most eyeballs possible on your message, you have to launch your posts when those eyeballs are online. You’ll never get it 100% perfect, but there are some really easy ways to estimate your best times to post.

How To Use Facebook Page Insights

Open page insights, and click on Posts.

wtpfb1Notice the heading: When Your Fans Are Online


I know this looks like nothing more than a blob so let me explain.  Across the bottom of the graph are the 24 hours in a day. The mass of colour represents the number of my fans that are on Facebook during those hours. This picture tells me that I should do all my Facebook posting between the hours of 6 am and 6 pm. Your insights will differ from mine — and your data will be posted in your local time zone.

The square boxes at the top will give you the same data, but it will vary for each day of the week. Mouse over the daily boxes and you will see a dark blue line appear over the graph directly below. That will give you a picture of each specific day compared to the weekly average. Why would you want that much detail? You may find that your numbers spike on Mondays, making that a key day for you.

There’s another element that’s important on this graph.  Looking at the daily boxes, it tells me that on any given day, more than 90% of my fans are on Facebook. Holy Moly! There isn’t another social media site in existence that provides this much exposure to your followers or fan base! This is why it drives me crazy when businesses don’t include Facebook as a key element in their marketing and growth plans.

Google Analytics For Your Website

Google Analytics is available for free to everyone with a website. If you’re not the webmaster for your site, contact your IT or marketing department to get your stats sent to you. What you want to know is which days of the week do you get the most traffic from your target demographic. That last part is important. Local businesses and temp staffing firms need only focus on their geographic location. Other businesses may use age or language demographics. This is when you want to cluster your posting activity.

Google Plus

Try Timing. Once you log in using your Google ID, it will provide data telling you your best times to post based on your personal past results. Here’s a snapshot of mine:

wtpGplus I never would have guessed that Sunday morning is my best time!

Making It All Work

So what do you do with all this data? Once you have your best days and times determined, you can start sending out status updates, job notices, and invitations focusing on peak periods. Hootsuite and Buffer are my favourite tools for this. I use the free versions of both. If you have many accounts to manage, you may want to upgrade.

With just a little research, you can maximize your results.

6 Replies to “Easy Ways To Determine Best Times To Post”

  1. Great info! I look at analytics but didn’t realize they were detailed down to time of day. I know this makes a big different, though with Facebook it seems like they nearly block some posts from being seen. Aggravating. We need all the edge we can get!


    1. Hi Gloria,

      I’m glad you enjoyed the info. I agree, Facebook is frustrating. The last metric I read is that 16% of our posts actually get out to our fans. I repeat mine, which flies in the face of others’ advice, but no one’s complaining yet. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment.


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