2 Simple Tips For More Effective Facebook Posting

FacebookFridayWideDiagonalHold onto your hats, Facebook has made another change. You’re shocked, I know. They NEVER do that. Oops. How did that Facebook sarcasm get in here? Marketers and social media managers know Facebook regularly slips changes into the stream with no warning and often no explanation. This one will save you a heap of time so you won’t mind. If you manage more than one page, you might even send them a love letter.

Tip #1

Scheduling Posts In Advance Just Got Easier

Scheduling posts used to take f-o-r-e-v-e-r. First you had to select the year from a long drop down menu and click OK. Then the month, and OK. Now the date, and OK. On and on it went, right down to the hour, minute, am or pm. Those of us who tried to be efficient by scheduling a whole bunch in one sitting found this time consuming and truly frustrating.

Just look at it now!

Facebook date picker
Facebook now offers a date picker for pre-scheduled posts.

Wow. A real date picker. Finally. Once you select your date, type a single number in the ‘add a time’ box and it will display a drop down menu in 5 minute increments. There’s even a handy reminder about your time zone.

Tip #2

This Tip Will Get Your Blog Posts Noticed

This tip has nothing to do with Facebook changes, but I noticed it’s something that not many bloggers and page managers know about. If you post your blog articles to Facebook by simply copying the link into a status update box, the accompanying graphic will be tiny and will melt into oblivion on the screen. Let me show you the difference.

Here is a regular article link on one of my Facebook pages. It’s not too bad. At least it’s a face. Faces grab attention like no other type of graphic.

Facebook status update with article link and photo
This was posted by copying the article link directly into the Facebook status update box.

Now, look below. Yow! This tip will show you how to quadruple your status update real estate by loading the graphic and URL link as separate steps.

Facebook status update with full size graphic
This was posted by first uploading the graphic as a photo and then typing in the article URL in the update box.

Here’s The Step-By-Step

I did this by clicking on Photo / Video instead of typing the link in the status update box.

Facebook status update box
Here’s the status update box, ready to begin.

Click Photo / Video to select the graphic from your machine. The status update box will expand. Click on ‘Upload Photos/Video’.

Facebook status update box with photo / video selected
The status update box is now ready to accept the graphic.

The status update changes to this:

Facebook choose file
Click on ‘Choose File’ to open your document folders.

Click on ‘Choose File’ to open your documents folders. Once you locate the graphic you want, double click it (or select it and click ‘Open’). You’ll pop back into Facebook and see the name of your file in the box. In this screen shot, you can see that I attached a file called BeingFindable.png.

Facebook update showing name of the linked file.
The file has been linked. Its name is displayed at the bottom of the update box.

Now that your graphic file is linked, you’ll need to type some text or the title of the article, insert a blank line and then copy in the article’s URL. Those of you with eagle eyes may notice in the screen shot below I changed the file from BeingFindable.png to BeingFindable403px.png. I usually make my graphics in several sizes; 800 pixels square for Instagram, rectangular for Pinterest (500px x 1000px works well) and 403px square for Facebook. If you’ve ever seen a graphic that didn’t display fully on Facebook, it’s because the size is too large. If you’ve done that, don’t sweat it. Just make a note for next time.

Here is the status update box showing the 3 elements you need: Some intro text, a graphic file attachment, and the URL. We’re ready to post!

Facebook status update with graphic attached, message typed, and URL copied into the box.
Facebook status update with graphic attached, message typed, and URL copied into the box. This post is now ready to publish.

The final result fits well within the column space allowed and will certainly attract some attention.

Example of an effective Facebook post
Facebook prefers graphics that are 403 pixels square. Top that with a short intro line and the URL link, and you have a post that is sure to attract readers.

So what are you waiting for? Go grab a graphics file and start making beautiful links on your Facebook page! This works well on personal profiles as well. Enjoy



6 Replies to “2 Simple Tips For More Effective Facebook Posting”

  1. Hi Susan,

    Thank you so much for sharing these tips! I didn’t know there was a way to schedule posts on Facebook–good to know! Also, I’ve been using your method of posting a picture with my articles rather than simply pasting the link–such a great idea.



  2. Great tips to make Facebook easier! I have used both ideas and they work great. I was especially glad to see the new scheduler — the old one was a bit cumbersome.


  3. Hi Susan,
    great 2 tips only the scheduler is not working for me, think they have the times set for USA as i can’t seen to put in for the right times? I am just following tip 2, knew about it and forgot 🙂


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