Cut Through The Noise and Get Noticed: Top Links on Marketing Psychology

7LinksMarketingPsychologyThe combination of an abundance of online content choices and time-starved schedules has created a perfect storm for tuning out. We know we’ll be assailed by unwanted messages when we go online so we’ve learned to ignore all the extra stuff on our screens.

For example, do you remember the banner ad on the last website you visited? Probably not. When you search on Google, are your eyes trained to ignore the first 3-4 results on the page because you know that’s where the paid advertisements are? And how about all those email messages you delete without reading? With all this filtering going on, how’s a business supposed to get noticed?

Four Ways To Get Attention

I’ve got four solutions for you in this week’s online roundup. These videos will show you how to gain attention by being remarkable, being clear, being contagious (in a good way), and by understanding the reasons people share on social media.

Being Remarkable – Seth Godin
How To Get Your Ideas Spread – 19 minutes

The Curse of Knowledge – Derek Halpern
Marketers, employees, spouses… We all need to be able to communicate ideas effectively. Learn how the curse of knowledge can get in the way, and what to do about it. – 4 minutes

Making Your Content Contagious – Marie Forleo and Jonah Berger
Marie interviews the author of Contagious to learn about social currency and going viral. – 17 minutes

Digital Marketing – Understanding Social Psychology – Allister Frost
Sharing is the currency of the social web. Learning why people use social and why they share is the key to getting through to your market. – 6 minutes

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