Who Else Wants To Be More Creative and Think Better?

Is the creative side of your brain bored by plain old vanilla meeting notes written on lined paper? Or are you a linear thinker who’s trying to inject a little right-brain creativity into your project management? Both scenarios will benefit from mind mapping.

Mind mapping is a graphical technique for visualizing connections between ideas or concepts. Picture a spider web with the main topic in the centre and related thoughts stemming out from that centre point. Here’s a quick example illustrating a mind map for a family vacation.

Sample mind map
Click image to enlarge

I created this mind map in a program called MindMup. It’s open source which means it’s free (your CFO will love that). And it works in the cloud so there’s no software to install or maintain (your CIO will love that).

What’s It Good For?

  • Brainstorming ideas
  • Prioritizing To-Do items
  • Organizing projects and teams
  • Collaboration

How To Get Started

Simply go to http://www.mindmup.com and you can begin working on the program. Press the spacebar or double-click the blue rectangle and enter a few words about your topic. That’s it! The user-friendly menu to the right of the screen provides easy support as you learn the functionality. They say their site is zero friction — and it truly is.

This is the left side of the screen you’ll see when you first arrive at MindMup.com.

File Storage

MindMup will store your maps as a public file in their own cloud storage, or you can send them directly to your private account in Google Drive, Github or Dropbox. Additional private storage can be purchased directly from MindMup but this is optional.

Enjoy your creative thinking!

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12 Replies to “Who Else Wants To Be More Creative and Think Better?”

  1. I am such a list maker. I have things written and then have them labelled in sub- categories. And I always thought that was because I liked to see what I have going on. I am very visual. This looks like a WAY better way to organize and create. Lists aren’t always very creative they can sometimes make me feel overwhelmed (trick: I often add things to my list that don’t need to be there just so that I can have the pleasure of crossing them off right away. Makes me feel like I am making giants headway fast )


    1. Hi Kate:
      I love your trick. Anything that highlights our accomplishments during an over-full day is excellent advice! We don’t pat ourselves on the back often enough.

      I think you’ll love the mind mapping website. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment.


  2. I have used this once and think i went back to freemind, so I clicked and found a bubble I had started and it reminded me how my focus has changed and I think I will use this to map out my Heart Whisper rEVOLution next week. thanks for all the resources your share.


  3. I’m new to mind mapping but have been doing it with Marney Makridakis (amazing coach in creativity who uses all sorts of mapping techniques). I have always been quite verbal and so not as inclined to use visual methods, but now that I’ve been introduced to these maps, I’m changing my tune. I think they definitely open my mind in a different way.


    1. Hi Judy – That’s cool that you’re trying it out. I’ve led problem solving in groups by projecting a mind map on the office wall using software similar to this one. Sometimes it gets people looking at things differently.

      Thanks for coming by and leaving a comment.


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