Improve Your Instagram Skills With This Advent Calendar Challenge

instagramInstagram’s explosive growth to 150 million users makes it a real contender in the world of social networking. Rapid growth aside, I think it’s the most fun of all the social sites. In case you haven’t tried it, Instagram is an on-line photo and video sharing social network. It’s like Facebook only you tell your story in snapshots. Right from your smartphone.

The best way to learn about Instagram is to use it. I’d had an account for a while but never felt completely at home — so I joined this month’s advent calendar challenge as a fun learning exercise. To play, just post something each day that aligns with the daily theme. You can be as creative or as conventional as you like. There are no extra rules to follow and no complicated instructions.

Instagram Advent Calendar Challenge

I get some of my best blogging and graphics tips from Marianne. She runs Design Your Own (Lovely) Blog and sends out helpful tips and freebies from her Facebook page. This month, she launched an –> Instagram challenge <– that is a lot of fun.

I made all of these on my phone using PicsArt. It’s not too late to catch up if you want to join in! Or just follow our progress on Instagram by watching the hashtag #adventcal2013.


Look for swrightboucher on Instagram. I’ll be happy to follow you. Happy snapping!


8 Replies to “Improve Your Instagram Skills With This Advent Calendar Challenge”

    1. Weird, I had a comment in there! Anyway, here’s what I said….. 😉

      Aw thanks for writing me up Susan, that’s sweet! I’m glad you’re having fun 🙂 I just like an excuse to go snap pics.

      I use PicsArt too, but I recently downloaded the A Beautiful Mess app and I am addicted to it!


        1. Oh gosh, I totally know what you mean! I have too many apps that slow my phone down, so I have to be super picky! But i waited for that one to come out on Android for so long that I just could’t say no! 😉


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