Kindness Is Just Love With Its Workboots On

Kindness isn’t always easy but the results make it worth the effort. Returning the hello we get from passersby isn’t showing kindness; going out of our way to say hello to someone we don’t care for… that’s more like it. Even better, extending our hand to someone we’re pretty sure doesn’t like us–maybe even a person who hurt us–that’s what I’m talking about.

But doesn’t that make me a doormat? No, it doesn’t and here’s why. When we go out of our way to treat everyone the same, we free ourselves to show up with authenticity. Take a moment to think of two or three words that describe you. Are you thoughtful, outgoing, and friendly? Maybe you’re curious and open to new ideas. Or would your friends say you’re all about empathy, caring, and warmth? Whatever your qualities, they make you the beautiful, unique being that you are. Your character comes from the inside and is not dependent on your surroundings–unless you’re giving up control over who you are to the people around you.

So getting back to those workboots, what’s the worst thing that can happen if your extended hand is met with a cold stare? Unless we fuel the drama by reliving it over and over in our minds, it has no power beyond a fleeting moment in time. Who knows–your simple gesture of kindness could be well received and make a difference in two lives. 

Kindness is just love with its workboots on.


8 Replies to “Kindness Is Just Love With Its Workboots On”

  1. Where was the twitter button on your beautiful post? It really made me stop and think, it is so easy to be in such a hurry that you don’t even look up when your walking into a store. Making your own errands more important than the people around you reminds me of the many news items of persons hurt and no one stops to help. One commentator said that he felt all the things plugged into our ears teaches us our world consist of contacts that mainly are faceless and we become unconnected by habit.



    1. Hi 16maurice – You raise an important point. Sometimes we’re so obsessed with our own schedules, we don’t even see who’s around us. Re the Twitter button, you’ll see it if you click on share. It’s so nice to have you back on my site!


  2. Love the analogy Susan. It can take work to be kind, especially to those that have done us wrong or those that make it difficult to give it and at the same time worth. Wish more folks would put their work boots on!


  3. hey – interesting new look you have! yes, kindness is soooo important. talking about saying hello – there is research about that: when looking at what family members in hospitals wanted most it was – eye contact. so not even saying hello, JUST eye contact. what also comes to mind from the book “tribal leadership” i believe about doctors not wanting to change to better paying jobs. they couldn’t quite say why but when the issue was looked at more closely it was because of kindness among the coworkers. you know, it’s amazing how ideas like that are pooh-poohed in workplaces that are mediocre or worse. having had the great gift of working in a few absolutely excellent workplaces, i KNOW the power of kindness and – love. it’s a darn good thing when you actually love your coworkers. creativity, excellent performance, dedication to the customer/client – it’s magic.


    1. Hi Isabella – Eye contact — ooh, yeah. So important. That need is what makes shunning so devastating, whether it’s practiced by a religious cult or on the playground. We all want to be acknowledged and included. When I choose my next career opportunity I hope I find a place like you just described. Thanks for coming back and for noticing the new look on my blog!


  4. What a powerful message! From the start I was intrigued by the title suggesting to put on boots to our love 🙂
    Yes, I will remember to put my boots on next time I am not so inclined to be loving, like in the examples you mentioned, when it is not the natural tendency to do it. Now that is something to look forward to put into practice as I begin the new year. I’ll make sure to carry my boots with me! 🙂 Great Inspiring post!


    1. Hi Delmy — Awesome that the message was meaningful to you. I’m tired of all the “you be nice to me and I’ll be nice to you” messages that fly around. Kindness shouldn’t be reserved only for those we judge worthy.


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