Showcase Your Employment Brand On Instagram

Instagram fun photos from employersYou’re probably wondering why I would promote Instagram as a place to build your employment brand. To be clear, I’m not suggesting you run right out and create a recruitment campaign on the site. I’m not sure you’d get a very good hit rate. But wouldn’t it be great if candidates could access your account on Instagram to get a sense of your company’s philosophy and approach to work? How cool would it be for potential employees to see photos of birthday celebrations and community involvement? And while we’re at it, wouldn’t your existing employees enjoy submitting photos to the company Instagram stream? And how about your sales team? Ask them if showing the personal side of the business could help them with customer acquisition. Oh, and then there’s customer retention. I can think of a hundred ways you could engage with clients on Instagram.

I could go on and on but pictures are better.

Take just a few minutes to look at these companies. I picked them quite randomly so if you think your company should be among these stellar examples, I apologize for missing you. Leave a note in the comments so I can add you to my list (and I’ll follow you on Instagram, of course).

(you don’t need an Instagram account — just click each link on your PC or smartphone)

There’s a lot of competition out there. Instagram can help you take your reputation up a notch–simply by sharing who you really are–and having fun in the process.

By the way, I’m swrightboucher on Instagram. Hope to see you there!

Photos above are from Clearlink and Hootsuite


10 Replies to “Showcase Your Employment Brand On Instagram”

  1. Very cool! I haven’t been using Instagram because of the tag features in photos. It’s too easy for someone to find your exact location as you post. Basically, the site is a stalker’s dream. But if you are an employer with an office building, I can see how this would work out well.


    1. Hi Amethyst,

      Instagram, Twitter and Facebook now strip out all the GPS and EXIF data that used to be part of a photo’s metadata, which included the latitude and longitude for the location. This data comes from our cameras and smartphones. As an additional precaution, we can each turn off GPS location services on our devices. All of that protection goes out the window when people choose to add a location tag to their photo or when they announce their location on a site like Foursquare. If you ever decide you want to use Instagram, you’ll be happy to know your location will only be traceable if you take the extra step of adding it when you upload the shot.

      Thanks so much for visiting and taking the time to share this important concern.


  2. My daughter just told me if I really wanted to know what she was up to to ” get with the program and check Instagram.. Thanks for some insight as to what to see there besides her dogs LOL !!


  3. Have to applaud you Susan! I am just not up to speed with Instagram at all! I am a whiz at helping aspiring authors get their books written, published and marketed… but will have to read a lot of your posts to come up to speed with this little tool!

    Anna Weber | Literary Strategist


    1. Hi Anna – I’m a social media addict yet I find it challenging to keep up with new channels. Of you do decide to try Instagram, I think you’ll like it. They’ve kept it really simple which makes it easy to learn and manage. Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment. Let me know if I can help you with anything.


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