Funky Corporate Culture Feeds Creativity

PinterestByTechCrunchCan you imagine working in a place that brings in DJs to keep everyone pumped during a makeathon? I can. How about getting your hands dirty with old fashioned glue and ancient printing presses? I’m talking about Pinterest’s corporate headquarters in San Francisco. It feels wrong to call it HQ — it’s more like a hub or a nest.

In case you’re not familiar with the company, Pinterest is an online tool for collecting photos from the web onto personalized pages, called boards. They’re for individuals, businesses, community groups or causes… and they’re excellent for showing your employment brand. You should consider using this site if you plan on attracting talent in the next 12 months.

This seven-minute video from TechCrunch will take you through Pinterest’s facilities. It just might give you a few ideas for livening up your own work environment.


8 Replies to “Funky Corporate Culture Feeds Creativity”

  1. Wow! that’s the way work environment should be like. No wonder they are so successful. Pinterest is something I am not in quite yet, but by looking and learning from your post, I will make a commitment to step into that important social media platform. Thanks for bringing out awareness as what the company is all about.


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