3 Awesome HootSuite Features You Don’t Know About

3 Hootsuite features that save time: Scheduler tricks, RSS feeds, Klout filterHave you ever purchased an item because of all the wonderful things it can do, but once you get it home you only use its basic functions? Think microwave ovens and smartphones. Both are capable of changing the way we work and live, yet most of us use them only for simple tasks.

In this article, I’m sharing three ways to use HootSuite features that will increase your effectiveness without requiring more of your time.

What Is HootSuite?

In case you’re not among the 8 million users, HootSuite is an online social media management tool. It allows you to listen, engage, and participate more effectively–all from a single, customizable dashboard. It’s handy for personal accounts and can be a marketing boon to any business that wants to be more intentional with its online presence. There are other good tools on the market, like Buffer, but I keep coming back to Hootsuite because of the power of the dashboard.  So let’s get right into those three features!

1. HootSuite Publisher helps you be more consistent and stay on brand.

The Publisher feature allows you to preschedule posts. Most HootSuite users already know about it, but I’m betting you don’t know that it can help you stay consistent and get really good with hashtags.  Once you’ve filled up the scheduler, scan through all those beautiful messages for consistency. Are you focusing on the right topics? Are you happy with the time intervals between posts? Did you remember to add hashtags to each one? You can edit or change posting times easily from this screen. By the way, I don’t schedule all my posts in advance (social is best done live) but I do preplan most of my sharing. Using a scheduler means you won’t spam your followers with all 12 of those great articles you found on Saturday morning. If your followers are in different time zones, it allows you to repeat the best tweets so you catch your friends in the UK, your aunt in Australia, and your bestie back east.

HootSuite Publisher screen shot show scheduled Twitter posts
Screen shot of the HootSuite Publisher – This is where you can review and edit all your prescheduled posts.

2. RSS Syndicator App makes curation quick and easy.

The HootSuite Syndicator is an app you can add to your dashboard. I use it as my main reader because it pulls all my favourite content into a single screen where I can browse, read and share–or send it to the Publisher to post later on Twitter, Facebook, or Google Plus. Organizing it is easy once you get the concept of setting up tabs and streams in the dashboard. You could have one stream for social media, one for clients, one for industry magazines, etc. Since I consolidated all my reading here, I don’t even miss Google Reader.

Screen shot of the HootSuite RSS Syndicator
Screenshot showing the RSS Syndicator on my dashboard.

3. Klout filter – Find those influencers!

Klout scores are controversial–some believe they’re a vanity item, valued only by their owner. Fair enough. I admit that I love checking my score (I’m at 68 today). But let’s say you’re creating a social media plan for your company to help boost customer engagement and sales. One of your earliest activities should be to find influencers within your niche. Klout scores make it easy because Klout is a measure of influence.

HootSuite Screen shot showing drop down filter menu on home feed stream
Screenshot showing drop down filter menu on home feed stream

The next screenshot is the same dashboard except I have now applied a Klout filter to my home stream.

HootSuite Klout filter results
Screenshot showing my home stream filtered by Klout score.

To do this, simply click the down arrow at the top of the stream, select Klout, then set the slider to any value you like. I set it on 70 for this example, which means I won’t see anyone with a Klout score of 69 or below.  This will help me select which Twitter connections may be the best ones to engage. This is a particularly powerful exercise to do on any lists you have in Twitter. The free version lets you apply a Klout filter to your home stream; if you have the Pro version, you can also use Klout on your Twitter lists.

Now it’s your turn. What tools do you use to keep your social media content flowing well?

Disclosure: I’m a HootSuite Ambassador for North America–so not exactly unbiased. This is a volunteer role. I do it to help others who want to learn how to use the tool better, and in the process, I learn more too.


18 Replies to “3 Awesome HootSuite Features You Don’t Know About”

    1. Hi Suzie – I do all of this with a free account. There are restrictions — such as only 5 social accounts and Klout only filters on certain streams, but it’s all doable. The dashboard is very powerful and can take some time to get used to but it does pay off in the end. Thank you for reading my post and for leaving a comment. Love hearing your thoughts.


  1. I’m so intrigued by Klout. Is it just vanity (I also check my score – there’s an app for that)? I’ve had at least one company/client want to know my Klout score, so wonder if it will catch on as a influencer measure.


    1. Hi Kimba – Some say Klout is pure vanity but it’s used by many companies to measure influence. I use it every day. One way an author might use Klout, is to find out who the biggest influencers are in a certain community prior to a book signing event. By engaging people who interact in a big way, you can get your message out faster and with less effort, and sometimes get a really good 2-way conversation going that might change your approach in that market.

      Thanks so much for taking the time to read my post and leave a question!


  2. Thank you Susan! I just had a client ask me about HootSuite the other day, and I admitted I didn’t know much about it except the basic idea about using it to manage social media. Happy to learn a little more and be able to share that with others!


      1. Hi Linda – That’s cool that you use HootSuite during Twitter chats. I do too. I have one stream dedicated to my @ mentions so that when it gets crazy fast I don’t miss any conversation opportunities with fellow chatters. I’ve only been active on chats for a month or two – your post on getting the most out of these chats has been really helpful. So glad we connected!


  3. Nicely written Susan! Thanks so much for taking the time to go in depth on our tool. Rss feeds are my secret weapon. I find back door rss feeds for lots of social listening and search streams on site like quora.

    Nice to meet you last night as well!
    -Connor from HootSite

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Danielle,
      Thanks! There are so many features to write about. I know I’m still learning about HootSuite every day. I look forward to your post. You have a nice, clear writing style. I’m sure it will be great.


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