Startup Canada Awards in Vancouver

If you love to surround yourself with people who are passionate about building new businesses and creating better workplaces, you should look up Startup Canada. This volunteer-driven organization aims to make Canada “the best place in the world to start and grow a business.”

Startup Canada Awards 2014 Vancouver_110

I had the pleasure of attending the British Columbia Startup Canada Awards and Fireside Chats held at HootSuite’s head office in Vancouver.  In the photo above are some of the great folks who are responsible for making this event happen. The winners come from a variety of backgrounds and age groups; some are barely into their twenties, while others have been in business for decades. What they all have in common is dedication and belief.  Many of them shared their stories and their enthusiasm with us through a series of fireside chats moderated by Kemp Edmonds.

Our BC winners continue on to the National Adjudication Committee to compete on a national basis.  Winners of national awards will be celebrated in Toronto on June 12th.

Here are some of the live tweets that went out during the ceremony in Vancouver.


British Columbia Award Winners

Entrepreneurial Effect Award: Grow Conference

Startup Community of the Year: Startup PG

Most Entrepreneurial Post-Secondary Institution of the Year: University of Victoria

Incubator/Accelerator of the Year: Growlab

Government Organization of the Year: BC Innovation Council

Non-Profit Support Organization of the Year: Futurpreneur Canada (formerly called CYBF BC)

Anchor Company of the Year: HootSuite

Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Builder of the Year: Dan Gunn

Entrepreneur Mentor of the Year: Ray Walia

Entrepreneurship Educator of the Year: Brent Mainprize

Media Person of the Year: Rob Lewis

Young Entrepreneur of the Year: Boris Martin




Photo credits
Team photo: Flickr – Cyprian Szalankiewicz/Startup Canada
Twitter photos: Susan Wright-Boucher, Raj Shetgar, Miss Marketing, Vivian Chan
Awards: Susan Wright-Boucher


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