Less Stress At Work

Photo of child with outstretched arms toward blue skies to signify reduced stressLess stress — It’s the grownup equivalent of a child’s Candy Land fantasy.

Or is it?

Who says we have to accept a level of stress that diminishes career satisfaction and creeps into off hours? If I’m honest about the times when tension was highest for me, it was when I didn’t want to accept something, or didn’t want to own it. You know, the big D. Denial.

Denial is an appealing strategy when we’re faced with a problem that seems insurmountable or is so uncomfortable that it’s less painful to ignore it.

Except it isn’t.

Living with the pressure of unresolved problems is like perpetually waiting for the second shoe to drop. It’s a lot of work. Instead of getting things done, part of your attention is diverted by energy-sapping thoughts reminding you that there’s something you’re trying to forget.

When I began learning how to have difficult conversations — with myself and with others — I learned that a good portion of the stress I was carrying around was self-imposed. The great news about self-imposed stress is that once you name it, you can decide what you want to do with it.

New Book: Less Stress Business

Image of book: Less Stress Business

Jamie Sussel Turner recently released Less Stress Business – A Guide for Hiring, Coaching, and Leading Great Employees. I’m adding this one to my ‘must read’ list. My recommendation is based on reading many of the author’s blog posts and from the online exchanges we’ve shared over the last two years or so.

Here’s an excerpt from Amazon’s book review:

Jamie Sussel Turner helps readers look beyond blaming their employees when things don’t go well to getting to the heart of the leadership issues that fueled their stress. With engaging anecdotes, drawn from Sussel Turner’s coaching practice, and clear strategies drawn from her leadership experience, Less Stress Business helps readers lead in new ways so they reduce their stress and lead with more clarity and calm than they ever imagined was possible.

For a sample of Sussel Turner’s writing style and wit, try out A Tale of Two Apologies. In it, she uses a real-life scenario to illustrate the impact of differing communication styles, and ends with practical advice.

You also may want to check out her website where I found a quick quiz to help you decide if the book is right for you. Less Stress Business is available on Amazon.


4 Replies to “Less Stress At Work”

    1. Hi Kimba —

      Wow, quite the article. It kind of makes sense. At work you’ve got a fairly straightforward set of expectations. Home… not so much. It’s a bit of everything all mashed into one chaotic ball of wax, and you own it all.

      Thanks for stopping by today and for sharing that interesting article on stress at work and home.


  1. Thank you, Susan, for this great post about my book. I know your followers value high quality content, since that is what you consistently deliver so I hope they find my book measures up!

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