Social Media Etiquette for Brands via Twitter Chat

Invitation to #HSUchatIf you use social media, you’re probably familiar with Hootsuite. Millions use it to manage their online presence. What you may not know about Hootsuite is that they hold a weekly Twitter chat — and you’re invited!

What’s A Twitter Chat?

A Twitter chat is one of the most generous events you’ll ever find on social media. It’s where people get together to share what they know and ask questions to learn more. It doesn’t matter how experienced or new you are. I attend weekly chats on marketing, human resources, recruitment, and social media.

UPDATE – November 2014: Hootsuite is no longer hosting this particular event. Follow their Twitter account to find out when the next one is scheduled. Every Tuesday at 2:00 Eastern / 11:00 Pacific, Hootsuite University facilitates a fast-paced and fun learning session. There’s a different topic each week, and sometimes an invited expert joins us to share their specialty.

Highlights From Social Media Etiquette for Brands

One of the advantages of Twitter chat is that you’re left with a record of all the tweets. It can come in handy when the comments are flying around at a quick pace!

After the session, I gathered all the #HSUchat tweets and made a file for you using a service called Storify. You can scroll through the entire chat session here. The links are live so if you want to interact with one of us, just click on the Twitter name. Twitter will open and you can start typing a message, or follow the account.

How To Join The Hootsuite Twitter Chat

It’s easy. Just log into your Twitter account and search for this hashtag: HSUchat. You can use native Twitter if you like, but I find  Twitter chats work better if you use Hootsuite or Tweetchat.

You’ll usually see a welcome tweet like this one:

Will we see you at the next #HSUchat?


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