Free Social Media Assessment for Twitter

I just tested a brand new Hootsuite tool called Grade Your Social. In less than a minute, it will assess your reach, measure your engagement, and show you where you can improve your overall effectiveness on Twitter.

In this brief review, I’ll share my score and why I think this is such a useful tool for individuals and for businesses. 

Susan Wright-Boucher's Twitter score is A-


My score is A-. At first glance, that might seem impressive but it really isn’t. Can you see the C+ in the above image? Hmmm. Not so good. Social media is all about engagement. That’s the score that I care most about so I’m happy to have this pointed out to me.

A Walk Through Hootsuite’s Social Grader Scores

If you want to take the assessment yourself, go to and click the blue Twitter button in the center and then give it permission to look at your account by clicking on ‘Authorize app’ in the next window.

In just a few seconds, you’ll have your own score on the screen which you can look at in detail.


Susan Wright-Boucher's Twitter reach scoreHow big is your audience? It’s helpful to know the average Twitter user has 208 followers. Your score will be a direct comparison to that figure. I have more than 5,000 followers.

Susan Wright-Boucher's retweet scoreRetweets are an important component of reach. I should be aiming for 25% as that’s the percentage of retweets enjoyed by top Twitter users. Mine’s at 19%—not bad, but not great.



Susan Wright-Boucher's reply scoreTop Twitter users have an engagement rate of 2.5%. Mine sits at a sad 1.2%. Oh well, at least it’s something I’ll enjoy working on. Another positive note: I have complete control over this one. I usually ignore all the #FF (Follow Friday) posts. I guess I shouldn’t do that anymore.

Now let’s look at rich content.

Susan Wright-Boucher's rich content scoreRich content is another way to boost engagement. I’m a little heavy on links but completely missing the boat on videos.


When you do the assessment, pay attention to this one. If you’re not maximizing this beautiful billboard opportunity, you’re leaving money on the table.

Susan Wright-Boucher's Twitter profile score


I recommend everyone who uses Twitter take the assessment. It’s offered by Hootsuite for the lovely price of $0.00. No strings attached.

Let me know how you make out with it! If you’re looking for me, I’ll be on Twitter finding new ways to engage more effectively.

Disclosure: I am a Hootsuite Ambassador. This review is an unpaid endorsement based on my personal view.


Comments are always welcome.

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