Power Up with The Art of Social Media

This is a picture of me holding a copy of the book with a thank you note from the authors.
This is me holding a copy of the book with a thank you note from the authors.

Quick quiz: Which social media platform is least tolerant of hashtags? Is it Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook, or Vine?

Here’s another one: If you tag someone in a photo on Twitter does their name use characters in the tweet?

Good questions, right? I can’t take credit for thinking them up. They’re part of the SMART quiz on Guy Kawasaki’s and Peg Fitzpatrick’s new site called the Art of Social Media.

SMART stands for Social Media Aptitude and Readiness Test. There are 21 questions in total — and I admit that several had me stumped. Go ahead and try it yourself. You don’t have to register or even surrender your email address.

SMART Quiz link → artof.social

But I’m not writing this to talk about a quiz. I want to tell you about a new book: The Art of Social Media – Power Tips for Power Users by Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitzpatrick.

"The Art of Social Media" - a book by Guy Kawasaki and Peg FitzpatrickThis is not the same old stuff, rehashed and repackaged. The book is jam-packed with practical tips to help you work faster and get better results. One of the things I love most about both authors is their understanding that social media is powerful when we focus on being social. They constantly remind us that the most sustainable online communities are created by providing value and making human connections.

Here are a few chapter titles to whet your appetite…

  • How to Socialize Events
  • How to Rock a Twitter Chat
  • How to Avoid Looking Clueless
  • How to Optimize for Individual Platforms
  • How to Put Everything Together

Sounds good, right? Here’s a link to The Art of Social Media on Amazon.

Disclosure: I reviewed and provided input on this book when it was in pre-production and I received a free copy once it was published. 



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