A Christmas Tradition That Helps You Win All Year

Hubby and I have an unconventional holiday tradition. Instead of exchanging gifts, we talk about the memorable events and milestones from the past year and the things we want to make happen in the new year.

Inevitably, work and career goals wend their way into the conversation — and rightly so. Work affects life and life affects work. You can’t extricate one from the other.

“He who asks the best questions wins.”

I have no idea who said that. Maybe I invented the phrase. Or possibly it was Confucius. All I know is it’s true. Asking good questions is my go-to tool anytime I need to figure something out or distill lots of details into a few simple truths.

Here are some of my best questions to help you put a positive cap on the year and set some goals for the next twelve months.

Four Questions To Reveal Strengths and Set Goals

  • What did you do that made you proud this year?
  • How can you bring more of that into your life in the new year?
  • When you were at your best this year, which of your qualities or talents were you displaying?
  • What’s the one thing you could take on in the new year that would make a difference to you?

Remember to take time out to rest and reflect on the many good things in your life. I’m wishing you the very best of the holiday season.

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