Now You Can Schedule Posts to Your Google Plus Personal Profile!

This is new. Post scheduling for brand pages on Google Plus has been available for a while, but Google’s API didn’t allow scheduling to personal profiles. Unless you count Do Share, a Chrome extension which, when I tested it, would only fire off posts when my machine was running and logged in at the scheduled time. Friends+Me doesn’t need your device to be running when it comes time to post your scheduled messages—and you can use it for other social platforms as well, like Facebook and Twitter. 

Why Friends+Me Belongs in Your Social Media Toolbox

Friends+Me increases social media ROI through time savings with no loss of qualityI’ve been using Friends+Me to send posts to Plugged In on Google Plus for quite a while. More recently, I started using it to add content to Plugged In’s new Facebook page. One of the first things that struck me is how well it delivers up graphics.

Now that it’s available for our personal pages on Google Plus, it has become an indispensable tool. It is also available for Twitter as well as several other social platforms.

The developer is quite responsive to questions and feature requests from their G+ page. That’s one of the things that keeps me trying more and more with this tool.

And there’s a Chrome extension to make sharing even easier. Here’s a link to their blog post explaining how it works:

Is It Cheating To Schedule Posts in Advance?

There’s no substitute for interacting live on social platforms—that’s one area where you don’t want to skimp. Even if you can only give one hour per day, your brand will benefit. However, there are legitimate reasons to schedule posts in advance.

  • Scheduling allows you to spread out posts over time so that you don’t spam your community’s stream when you’re in the mood to curate great content.
  • If you post content at a time when your community is typically not online, you’re wasting effort. Some of my best writing happens late at night. Scheduling posts allows me to have the satisfaction of writing my introductory posts but delaying their appearance for a better time of day.
  • If you’re producing great content, you don’t want to post it just once. The reason is each of your posts may be seen by as few as 3% of your followers. By staggering the same post over a series of days and time zones, you give more of your community a chance to see what you’re putting out there.

Let me know if you try it. I’m not affiliated in any way—just want to share what I believe is a truly valuable addition to my social media toolbox.

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4 Replies to “Now You Can Schedule Posts to Your Google Plus Personal Profile!”

    1. Hi Euhero,

      I hadn’t heard of Mass Planner, so thank you for mentioning it. I went over to their site to check it out. t doesn’t seem to be able to post to Google Plus profiles though, only Google Plus pages. Thanks again for letting us know about this other scheduler.


      1. Actually, they can post on G+ profiles, I’m currently using it for all of my social media accounts. They also have lots of features for managing accounts. Try sending them an email. Thanks Susan. You have an awesome blog.


        1. Thanks Euhero, that’s so nice of you to say about my blog! I’ll keep an eye on Mass Planner. Good to know there’s another tool out there to have gained access to G+ personal profiles – it’s been a long wait.



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