How To Solve a Sluggish Moto G or Moto X After Lollipop Update

I love getting system updates from Motorola, but I wasn’t happy when the upgrade to Android Lollipop 5.0 slowed my usually zippy Moto G to a snail’s pace. I found the solution on Hat tip to Graham Thomas for pointing it out in the forum.

The instructions in the link below will show you how to clear the cache partition on a Moto G or Moto X. This process will not erase any of your files or settings, but it’s always wise to do a backup before making any changes. If you’re running a different Android device, search for ‘clear cache partition’ and your device’s name.

How To Clear The Cache Partition

Here’s the link — but remember to come back to this page as there’s one more thing you can do to keep your Motorola smartphone running at top speed.

Do This, Too

One more thing you can do is turn animations off. Go to ► Settings ► Developer Options and scroll down to the section called ► Drawing. Set all three animation selections to ‘off’.

Android settings screen showing location of animation settings
Turn off all 3 animation settings

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