Grooving On Your Hidden Talents

You and me — we have something in common. Both of us are creative. What’s that? You’re not the creative type? I disagree and here’s why.

All humans display creativity an average of 11 times per day.

Okay, I confess — that statistic isn’t real. But it could be true. Especially if you count all the times you’ve exercised intangible creativity in a day. Keep reading —  you might find you demonstrate creativity way more than the 11 times per day in my pretend statistic.

Let’s start with an expanded definition of creative talents.

Creativity: The use of imagination to generate new ideas, change outcomes, or produce artistic work.

Take special note of these two words: ideas and outcomes. I selected those words for my definition to give intangible creativity the attention and appreciation it deserves.

Tangible versus InTangible Creativity

Creativity may be expressed in many non-traditional ways.When you began reading this article, you probably equated creativity with painting, sculpting, or learning to play Chopin’s  Polonaise. Those are examples of tangible creativity (according to me, anyway).

You’re using intangible creativity when you pull a solution out of thin air after finding yourself stuck on a problem.

Have you ever located online information no one else could find by experimenting with different Google search terms? How about figuring out the best way to bring up a difficult subject in the least painful way? Both require creative thought.

More Examples of Intangible Creativity

That time you…

  • planted marigolds among the tomatoes to protect them from pests.
  • asked ‘why’ in a meeting and helped the group uncover fresh thinking.
  • reduced the  calories in a recipe by substituting plain yogurt for mayonnaise.
  • came up with an impromptu story to calm a toddler.
  • gave a presentation to share something new you learned.

Unhide Those Hidden Talents

Enough reading. Time to get grooving on your hidden talents! Need some ideas?

  • I wholeheartedly recommend doodling (by the way, doodling is good for your brain).
  • Banish perfectionism. Try something new and give yourself permission to appreciate whatever comes of it.
  • Change a routine. Take a different route tomorrow morning. Or take the same one but try to notice three things you never saw before.
  • Pick one thing you normally take for granted. Think of a new way to use it.
  • Think like a kid. How many times will they rephrase a question to get around a ‘no’?
  • Download a photo editing app, snap a picture and turn it into something new. To make the two graphics for this post, I took photos of my desk and then edited them using apps on my phone (PicsArt, Phonto, and Aviary).

Brag a little. Leave a comment to share something creative you did or are planning to do. I’ll be cheering for you.


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