New Year’s—Perfect time to reconnect

Networking plays an important role in career and business success but it’s not always easy to find a reason to reach out. New Year’s gives us the perfect excuse to rekindle the embers of relationships that got away from us.

Job Seekers

Think about past job opportunities that interested you but didn’t lead to a job offer. Send an email wishing your contacts at that company all the best in the coming year. Or use snail mail and really stand out! Not every new hire will be successful and happy in the role; you might discover the company is preparing to advertise that same position again.

Growing your business

Write to your prospects wishing them success in whatever they want to accomplish this year. Focus on building the relationship rather than making it a sales letter. Relationship building is longer lasting—and more satisfying—than a marketing campaign.

I wish you a very happy new year with just enough challenges to keep you on your toes and more success than you think you can handle.




Happy New Year!


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