Boost Your Blogging ROI — 4 Things You Can Do Right Now

It takes the same amount of time to write a blog post that’s seen by 3 people as one that’s seen by 3,000. So why not boost your readership — and your ROI — by adopting strategies that attract more eyeballs and encourage sharing?


Read through these suggestions and pick one or two that appeal to you. They’re presented in no particular order — each has the potential to make a substantial difference in your blogging results. 

Build A Reputation For Making Sense Of News and Statistics

Why it works:
Readers want to know what the latest news means to their business and how it affects them. I learned this concept years ago when I was giving a presentation on employment trends. I was sharing data that had taken me many hours to gather when a VP stood and said “I see numbers all day. I don’t give a **** for numbers unless you can tell me what they mean to my business.”

Do this right now:
Book appointments with yourself that coincide with industry and government report release dates (most come out according to a set schedule). Reserve two hours on your calendar to digest the info and write a blog post that helps your readers understand how the data affects them and their business.

Be The Answer To Customers’ Questions

Why it works:
Addressing your customers’ most pressing questions shows you’re attuned to their needs. Your blog posts will be especially memorable if you can give them some actionable steps or ideas that lead them toward a solution.

Do this right now:
Create a list on Twitter that includes your customers and prospects. Set up Google Alerts. Scan through your latest client emails to pick up on questions they’re asking. There’s nothing wrong with including competitors in your listening activities; you never know when they will have clued into something you missed. If you want more info on what social listening is and how to do it, try this post.

Share your blog posts on social media more than once.

Why it works:
Let’s use Twitter for this example. We know that only 46% of Twitter users log on daily. If your business has 1,000 Twitter followers, 460 of them will use Twitter at some point today. How many of those 460 followers will be staring at their Twitter stream at the exact moment your tweet appears? The percentage will be in the single digits.

Do this right now:
Engage a scheduling tool like Hootsuite or Buffer and pick several times to send a link to your new blog post. You might do 2 today, another in 3 days, and then space them out several weeks apart. Use your judgment and do take into consideration whether the post content is evergreen (has long-term value) or concerns a news item with a limited shelf life. Switch up the wording on some of your tweets or Facebook status updates so your most loyal followers don’t see the same message repeatedly. And do remember to insert other types of tweets and updates in your social media accounts so you don’t look like you’re nothing but a cheerleader for your blog.

Build Your Email List

Why it works:
Email’s versatility makes it an ideal business tool. The recipient can access it at their convenience and on any number of devices and platforms: Desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone. Anywhere, anytime. HubSpot reports that “89% of marketers said email was their primary channel for lead generation.”

Do this right now:
Commit to expanding your email list every day. Who should you include? Anyone who will benefit from your topics: Customers, prospects, journalists who cover your industry, professional associations, YOUR EMPLOYEES. Yes, definitely add your staff. They’ll help spread the word about your blog mailing list once they see the value themselves. Here’s an easy way to grow your list: Add a newsletter opt-in invitation to the corporate signature line on all staff email accounts.

Bottom Line

Getting better at what we do is a never-ending journey. The same is true of your blog. Use just one or two of these ideas and watch your blog readership — and ROI — grow.

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Use just 1 or 2 of these ideas and watch your blog readership — and ROI — grow.



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