Be a Google Plus Ninja with Friends+Me

Now You Can Schedule Posts to Your Google Plus Personal Profile!

This is new. Post scheduling for brand pages on Google Plus has been available for a while, but Google’s API didn’t allow scheduling to personal profiles. Unless you count Do Share, a Chrome extension which, when I tested it, would only fire off posts when my machine was running and logged in at the scheduled time. Friends+Me doesn’t need your device to be running when it comes time to post your scheduled messages—and you can use it for other social platforms as well, like Facebook and Twitter.  Continue reading

Photo of a colourful makeup palette

5 Quick Tips For Better Blog Graphics

Use these tips to get more mileage out of posts you publish on LinkedIn, Google Plus, Facebook, and your blog.

#1 Remember What Graphics Are For

Graphics grab attention in a noisy online world. Even the best writing will go unnoticed — which means unread — unless you can somehow get the reader’s attention. That’s where your graphics can help. Try to find photos that tell a story or choose colours that stand out. You’re competing with hundreds of other online distractions. The graphic should make the reader curious enough that they want to read the title and intro to your post.Photo with quote: Graphics grab attention in a noisy online world Continue reading

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Play Young to Stay Young

Photo of juggling balls. Caption: When was the last time you played like a kid?Playing like a kid can save your life. Does that sound too dramatic? Consider this: Falls are the most common cause of traumatic brain injuries (TBI). In 2000, 46% of fatal falls among older adults were due to TBI. And what’s the leading cause of falls among older folks? Loss of balance and coordination.

Last week, I saw an elderly woman fall after tripping on a sidewalk seam. Luckily she didn’t get hurt but she was completely unable to get back up by herself. Continue reading