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What is Work-Life Balance?


What would you say if I asked what work-life balance means to you? Could you describe it? In this article, I’ll share¬†what I often hear and extend an invitation for you to tell the rest of us what it means

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3 Awesome HootSuite Features You Don’t Know About

Scheduler tricks, RSS syndicator app, Klout Filter

Have you ever purchased an item because of all the wonderful things it can do, but once you get it home you only use its basic functions? Two examples that come to mind are microwave ovens and smartphones. Both are

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The Trusted Advisor

Title: The Trusted Advisor

If everyone in the world were free to choose their own job title, I suspect Trusted Advisor would be among the top ten in popularity. Who doesn’t want to be known for¬†telling it like it is and helping others get

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Business Lessons Learned From A Humiliating Day At The Beach

Beach photo with red-faced emoticon

A few years ago, while vacationing on Cape Cod, I decided it was time to conquer my fear of water and try surfing. It was a beautiful clear day which allowed us to enjoy an uninterrupted view of nothing but

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Life After Cookies

Photo of model wearing oversized pants with admonition to back away from cookie jar

A few months back, I wrote an article announcing hubby and I were changing the way we eat as we had discovered there was a little too much of us hanging around. Four months have passed and I’ve lost just

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