Leadership Move: How to Shift from Criticism to Feedback

A man holds a sign: Advice $.50. Good advice $2.00.

If you’re not clear on the difference between criticism and feedback, you could be missing out on your best coaching and developmental opportunities. I’m going to illustrate how this happens by sharing a particularly cringe-worthy error from my past but first let’s define what we’re talking about.

The Difference Between Criticism and Feedback

Criticism is easy to identify when you’re on the receiving end. Nobody likes it. It makes us feel bad — like we missed the mark. We blew it. On the other hand, feedback usually makes us feel better, more hopeful. We’re ready to try again. What differentiates the two? Continue reading “Leadership Move: How to Shift from Criticism to Feedback”


New Year’s resolutions that stick

Photo: Getting ready to write New Year's resolutions

Most New Year’s resolutions start out with fiery ambition on January 1 but soon dwindle to a weak flame, easily extinguished by the demands of day-to-day life.

Sound familiar? It should. According to StatisticBrain only 8% of people successfully achieve their resolution. I wonder how many of those abandoned goals cause angst. Especially after having publicly proclaimed a determination to lose weight or stop smoking or get a new job.

Is it lack of willpower—or something else?

Willpower is necessary, that’s for sure. Especially if one is aiming at a significant behavioural change like zapping an addiction to nicotine. New habits take anywhere from 30 days to 6 months before they become ingrained which means there’s a period of time when our mind and body send us signals to tempt us into the old behaviour. Willpower is our ability to withstand the temptation until such time as it loses its hold on us.

But lack of willpower isn’t the main reason so many goals are dropped. There are two other causes that I think are more pervasive. Fortunately they’re easily remedied once you recognize them. Continue reading “New Year’s resolutions that stick”

3 Ways To Hang On To The Good Times

You can't litter negativity everywhere and then wonder why you've got a trashy life.

Ever notice how negative events effortlessly pop up into your consciousness while the positive ones require digging and cobweb clearing? That’s happened to you, right? Good, it’s not just me. Actually, I know I’m not alone in this—apparently our brains are hard-wired to turn scary or uncomfortable moments into permanent memories. It’s part of an age-old survival mechanism that equates discomfort with danger and assigns these memories as high priority.

Here’s the good news. Just because there’s science behind it, doesn’t mean we have to settle for the way things are. We can reverse this natural tendency by Continue reading “3 Ways To Hang On To The Good Times”

Free Personality Quiz

Plugged In is pleased to present this fun personality quiz: Which Office Type Are You?Are you the diligent perfectionist who double checks every detail, or are you the passionate creative person who comes up with the big ideas? This simple quiz allows you to describe your work ethic, and identifies your office personality using the answers you provide.

That’s how Richard Madison, marketing executive for the Brighton School of Business & Management, described the quiz he sent me last week.

What Is Your Office Personality will ask you questions about how you solve problems, what you do in your free time, and how you handle decisions and criticism. It only takes a few minutes to complete. Sharing the results would make a fun way to start a team meeting.


Grooving On Your Hidden Talents

Picture quote: Your creativity is showing

You and me — we have something in common. Both of us are creative. What’s that? You’re not the creative type? I disagree and here’s why.

All humans display creativity an average of 11 times per day.

Okay, I confess — that statistic isn’t real. But it could be true. Especially if you count Continue reading “Grooving On Your Hidden Talents”

This Father’s Day, Ask The One Question That Will Help You Understand Your Dad

Ask your dad this one question to gain new insight

I was a five-year old in pigtails, standing on an elm-lined sidewalk with my grandfather, staring at what I thought was the most marvelous toy on the planet. Grandpa had just pulled a kid-sized pedal car out of his basement and had placed it on the sidewalk — for me! I was beside myself. Continue reading “This Father’s Day, Ask The One Question That Will Help You Understand Your Dad”

Turning People Into Trees — Not Such A Crazy Idea

Photo of a majestic tree, with sun streaming through its leaves
Flickr: Yannick Soler

When autumn arrives, many of us are compelled to break away from the daily grind just long enough to appreciate the beauty of trees. The next time you do that, think about the people who try your patience—the ones you just can’t bring yourself to love—and see if this quote from Ram Dass softens the way you see them.
Continue reading “Turning People Into Trees — Not Such A Crazy Idea”

The Magnificent Castle — How To Become Who You Are

by Guest Author: Tilla Brook

Photo of Tilla Brook - Guest authorSelf-image matters. We all know this. And so often our self-image is one that does not support us to become all of who we are. Particularly when we are looking for a new job or a change of career.

I am what I think. My thoughts shape my world. Yours do too. What you think about yourself and the world around you shapes your life. Those thoughts shape how you come over in your CV, applications and interviews. I can’t be the only one who looks back on some of mine and cringes!

So here’s my metaphor for reshaping your thoughts. Continue reading “The Magnificent Castle — How To Become Who You Are”