Best Marketing Video. Ever.

Marketing that makes an immediate, unforgettable impression is rare. So rare, I like to recognize the work by sharing it. In case you’re wondering if this blog post is an ad — nope. I have no affiliation with this company and they don’t know I’m writing this.

Take 3 minutes to watch the video and then see if you agree with my assessment. I’ll put my comments below the video.  Continue reading “Best Marketing Video. Ever.”


When Good WordPress Plugins Go Bad

You would never jeopardize your website by using an untrusted plugin, right? Me, neither. That’s why this particular plugin story is so scary — it shows how easy it is for good plugins to go bad.  Continue reading “When Good WordPress Plugins Go Bad”

Four Free Graphics Editors—Which One Is Right For You?

Keeping your resume up to date is a gift you give yourself

Adding visuals to your online content does two things: it increases engagement (we do live in the visual age, after all) and it helps build brand recognition by presenting your message with your unique look and feel. With the right app and 5 to 10 minutes, you can start creating social media graphics like a boss!

But with so many tools available, how do you pick the right one? In this article I’ll tell you what I like best about four graphics editors—and I’ll tell you who I think they are best suited for. Continue reading “Four Free Graphics Editors—Which One Is Right For You?”

A Social Media Resource Everyone Needs

Photo: Two action figures dressed as police lean on a globe and a smartphone

Trying to get better social media results while still doing your other “real” work is like juggling frogs: mildly entertaining to onlookers but horrifying when you’re the one trying to do it all.

Not only is there a lot to learn, but just about the time you start feeling in control and capable, something changes. Expanding platforms, new terminology, unexpected policy updates that can get your account suspended… Continue reading “A Social Media Resource Everyone Needs”

How To Schedule Instagram Posts Using Hootsuite

Photo showing time flying by

Has this ever happened to you? You have several photos ready to post on Instagram but you don’t want to spam your followers by uploading all of them at the same time. So you post one or two and make a mental note to share the rest over the next couple of days. You know what happens next, right? Life happens. Your brain moves on to the other thousand things you need to get done and Continue reading “How To Schedule Instagram Posts Using Hootsuite”

Social Media Image Sizes — 2015

Images improve social media engagement on every platform — but beware the temptation to apply a “one size fits all” approach.
What's the ROI of social media images?
If you’ve ever seen a picture quote on Facebook where some of the words were cut off, you know what can happen when a graphic isn’t sized properly before posting. That’s a dead giveaway that it was designed for a different social platform. You can be sure there’s a photographer or graphic artist writhing in pain when this happens.  Continue reading “Social Media Image Sizes — 2015”

Now You Can Schedule Posts to Your Google Plus Personal Profile!

Be a Google Plus Ninja with Friends+Me

This is new. Post scheduling for brand pages on Google Plus has been available for a while, but Google’s API didn’t allow scheduling to personal profiles. Unless you count Do Share, a Chrome extension which, when I tested it, would only fire off posts when my machine was running and logged in at the scheduled time. Friends+Me doesn’t need your device to be running when it comes time to post your scheduled messages—and you can use it for other social platforms as well, like Facebook and Twitter.  Continue reading “Now You Can Schedule Posts to Your Google Plus Personal Profile!”

5 Quick Tips For Better Blog Graphics

Photo of a colourful makeup palette

Use these tips to get more mileage out of posts you publish on LinkedIn, Google Plus, Facebook, and your blog.

#1 Remember What Graphics Are For

Graphics grab attention in a noisy online world. Even the best writing will go unnoticed — which means unread — unless you can somehow get the reader’s attention. That’s where your graphics can help. Try to find photos that tell a story or choose colours that stand out. You’re competing with hundreds of other online distractions. The graphic should make the reader curious enough that they want to read the title and intro to your post.Photo with quote: Graphics grab attention in a noisy online world Continue reading “5 Quick Tips For Better Blog Graphics”

Mobile First Web Design — More Than Just A Good Idea

A group of people using smartphones

Photo: Facebook generated $5B of economic impact in Canada last year. DeloitteIn the summer of 2012, Facebook had zero revenue from mobile products. By the third quarter of last year, 66%  of their global ad revenue came from mobile and the forecast for next year is 75%. Is there really any doubt that there is a mobile transformation underway?  Continue reading “Mobile First Web Design — More Than Just A Good Idea”

Power Up with The Art of Social Media

Book title: The Art of Social Media - Power Tips for Power Users
This is a picture of me holding a copy of the book with a thank you note from the authors.
This is me holding a copy of the book with a thank you note from the authors.

Quick quiz: Which social media platform is least tolerant of hashtags? Is it Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook, or Vine?

Here’s another one: If you tag someone in a photo on Twitter does their name use characters in the tweet?

Good questions, right? I can’t take credit for thinking them up. They’re part of the SMART quiz on Guy Kawasaki’s and Peg Fitzpatrick’s new site Continue reading “Power Up with The Art of Social Media”