Solved: VOIP Problem on Windows 10

Photo - a man uses a smartphone outside

I have three phone numbers but no phone bills. Two are on my smartphone and one on desktop — all of which I operate with no carriers. That’s right, no monthly cellphone or landline bills. It’s not a system for the faint of heart as this recently-solved problem illustrates. Continue reading “Solved: VOIP Problem on Windows 10”


How To Schedule Instagram Posts Using Hootsuite

Photo showing time flying by

Has this ever happened to you? You have several photos ready to post on Instagram but you don’t want to spam your followers by uploading all of them at the same time. So you post one or two and make a mental note to share the rest over the next couple of days. You know what happens next, right? Life happens. Your brain moves on to the other thousand things you need to get done and Continue reading “How To Schedule Instagram Posts Using Hootsuite”

How To Quit Your Cellular Carrier and Stay Connected

Use these tips to turn an inactive smartphone into a useful device - at no cost.

You might be surprised to know that smartphones do not require a cellular plan or a data plan to make calls or surf the ‘net. The setup I describe in this article isn’t suitable for everyone, but with telecom bills rising at three times the inflation rate, there’s no way I could hold back from sharing my experience.

Each of the suggestions that follow can be implemented on their own to save you a few bucks — or put them all together like I did and pocket 100% of what you’re currently paying your cell carrier in monthly charges. Continue reading “How To Quit Your Cellular Carrier and Stay Connected”

Free Personality Quiz

Plugged In is pleased to present this fun personality quiz: Which Office Type Are You?Are you the diligent perfectionist who double checks every detail, or are you the passionate creative person who comes up with the big ideas? This simple quiz allows you to describe your work ethic, and identifies your office personality using the answers you provide.

That’s how Richard Madison, marketing executive for the Brighton School of Business & Management, described the quiz he sent me last week.

What Is Your Office Personality will ask you questions about how you solve problems, what you do in your free time, and how you handle decisions and criticism. It only takes a few minutes to complete. Sharing the results would make a fun way to start a team meeting.


Grooving On Your Hidden Talents

Picture quote: Your creativity is showing

You and me — we have something in common. Both of us are creative. What’s that? You’re not the creative type? I disagree and here’s why.

All humans display creativity an average of 11 times per day.

Okay, I confess — that statistic isn’t real. But it could be true. Especially if you count Continue reading “Grooving On Your Hidden Talents”

This Father’s Day, Ask The One Question That Will Help You Understand Your Dad

Ask your dad this one question to gain new insight

I was a five-year old in pigtails, standing on an elm-lined sidewalk with my grandfather, staring at what I thought was the most marvelous toy on the planet. Grandpa had just pulled a kid-sized pedal car out of his basement and had placed it on the sidewalk — for me! I was beside myself. Continue reading “This Father’s Day, Ask The One Question That Will Help You Understand Your Dad”

Social Media Image Sizes — 2015

Images improve social media engagement on every platform — but beware the temptation to apply a “one size fits all” approach.
What's the ROI of social media images?
If you’ve ever seen a picture quote on Facebook where some of the words were cut off, you know what can happen when a graphic isn’t sized properly before posting. That’s a dead giveaway that it was designed for a different social platform. You can be sure there’s a photographer or graphic artist writhing in pain when this happens.  Continue reading “Social Media Image Sizes — 2015”

How To Solve a Sluggish Moto G or Moto X After Lollipop Update

Some smartphones slow down after the Android Lollipop update.

I love getting system updates from Motorola, but I wasn’t happy when the upgrade to Android Lollipop 5.0 slowed my usually zippy Moto G to a snail’s pace. I found the solution on Hat tip to Graham Thomas for pointing it out in the forum.

Continue reading “How To Solve a Sluggish Moto G or Moto X After Lollipop Update”

Now You Can Schedule Posts to Your Google Plus Personal Profile!

Be a Google Plus Ninja with Friends+Me

This is new. Post scheduling for brand pages on Google Plus has been available for a while, but Google’s API didn’t allow scheduling to personal profiles. Unless you count Do Share, a Chrome extension which, when I tested it, would only fire off posts when my machine was running and logged in at the scheduled time. Friends+Me doesn’t need your device to be running when it comes time to post your scheduled messages—and you can use it for other social platforms as well, like Facebook and Twitter.  Continue reading “Now You Can Schedule Posts to Your Google Plus Personal Profile!”