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How To Keep Job Candidates Happy

We recruiters are pretty quick to point out mistakes candidates make during job searches.  We talk about common resume errors, we roll our eyes and relate tales of candidates who answer cell phone calls during interviews, and we complain about

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50 Best Blogs for Recruiters

Everyone knows recruiters don’t walk, they run through their daily schedule.  Matching the right people to the right jobs is a big task, and one they take seriously.  So how do you fit in time for professional development?  I suggest doing

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Ghost Posting Job Ads: Best Practice or Bad Form?

Why do staffing agencies place job ads for positions that don’t exist?  People who disagree with this practice may say it’s unethical and misleading.  Those who engage in the practice will tell you it’s a necessary part of business, not designed to

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How Can I Win In This Job?

If you’re hiring right now, applicants should be able to expect a clear and succinct answer to that question. Many recruiting plans go off the rails late in the process when the hiring company suddenly realizes they haven’t invested sufficiently in

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Recruiter Workload

Setting appropriate goals for recruiters is a tough task.  Generalist recruiters handle a wide variety of positions which creates productivity peaks and valleys.  Specialists may enjoy a steadier, more predictable workflow in terms of number of hires expected; their challenges come from the

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