Social Media Image Sizes — 2015

Images improve social media engagement on every platform — but beware the temptation to apply a “one size fits all” approach.
What's the ROI of social media images?
If you’ve ever seen a picture quote on Facebook where some of the words were cut off, you know what can happen when a graphic isn’t sized properly before posting. That’s a dead giveaway that it was designed for a different social platform. You can be sure there’s a photographer or graphic artist writhing in pain when this happens.  Continue reading “Social Media Image Sizes — 2015”


5 Quick Tips For Better Blog Graphics

Photo of a colourful makeup palette

Use these tips to get more mileage out of posts you publish on LinkedIn, Google Plus, Facebook, and your blog.

#1 Remember What Graphics Are For

Graphics grab attention in a noisy online world. Even the best writing will go unnoticed — which means unread — unless you can somehow get the reader’s attention. That’s where your graphics can help. Try to find photos that tell a story or choose colours that stand out. You’re competing with hundreds of other online distractions. The graphic should make the reader curious enough that they want to read the title and intro to your post.Photo with quote: Graphics grab attention in a noisy online world Continue reading “5 Quick Tips For Better Blog Graphics”

Mobile First Web Design — More Than Just A Good Idea

A group of people using smartphones

Photo: Facebook generated $5B of economic impact in Canada last year. DeloitteIn the summer of 2012, Facebook had zero revenue from mobile products. By the third quarter of last year, 66%  of their global ad revenue came from mobile and the forecast for next year is 75%. Is there really any doubt that there is a mobile transformation underway?  Continue reading “Mobile First Web Design — More Than Just A Good Idea”